Participation de DHYSED au colloque international INTERCOH

Participation de DHYSED au colloque international INTERCOH qui s’est tenu à Delft (Pays Bas, du 13 au 17 septembre) , avec 7 présentations orales.

  1. Understanding the spatio-temporal variability of SPM dynamics from observations and model analysis. T. van Kessel, M. Fettweis, R. Verney
  2. Characterizing the Composition of Suspended Sand and Mud Suspensions in Coastal Environments using Combined Optical and Acoustic Measurements : Laboratory Experiments. D. Tran, S. Pearson, M. Jacquet, B. Van Prooijen, R. Verney
  3. Characterizing the Composition of Sand and Mud Suspensions in Coastal Environments using Combined Optical and Acoustic Measurements: Field Applications. S.G. Pearson, R. Verney, H.C.M. Hendricks, D. Tran, M. Jacquet, Z.B. Wang, B.C. v. Prooijen
  4. Sediment dynamics at an estuary mouth: detrending the impact of tides, river discharge and waves from high-frequency measurements. R. Verney, F. Grasso, C. Gaillard
  5. Mid-term effects of maintenance dredging in the physical functioning of the Seine Estuary. J.P. Lemoine, F. Grasso, B. Mengual, P. Le Hir
  6. Intertidal mudflats can (not) survive sea level rise. F. Grasso, B. Mengual, P. Le Hir, and J.-P. Lemoine
  7. Numerical modeling of suspended sediment fluxes between a macrotidal estuary and its adjacent shelf: horizontal and vertical structures. M. Diaz, F. Grasso, A. Sottolichio, P. Le Hir, B. Thouvenin, M. Caillaud

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Campaign BATHY_DELTA_RHONE 2023 news

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The aim of the campaign BATHY_DELTA_RHONE 2023 is to update the bathymetry of the Rhöne prodelta as part of the EC2CO DELTA RHONE project.

Ecole d’été et colloque INTERCOH - Incheon, Corée

Published on 21 september

From 13 to 22 September 2023, DHYSED and the LER-AR will be in Incheon, Korea, to take part in the summer school and present research work in sediment dynamics.


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Voici quelques nouvelles de la campagne BATHY DELTA RHONE!