SOLIBOB field campaign 2021

This summer was conducted SOLIBOB field campaign in two legs on R/V Côtes de la Manche.
The aim is to study solitons (internal wavelengths) in Bay of Biscay.
Two instrumented bed stations were moored during one month in south of Belle-Ile, then CTD and turbidity vertical profiles were done with MVP equipment.

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Campaign BATHY_DELTA_RHONE 2023 news

Published on 4 october

The aim of the campaign BATHY_DELTA_RHONE 2023 is to update the bathymetry of the Rhöne prodelta as part of the EC2CO DELTA RHONE project.

Ecole d’été et colloque INTERCOH - Incheon, Corée

Published on 21 september

From 13 to 22 September 2023, DHYSED and the LER-AR will be in Incheon, Korea, to take part in the summer school and present research work in sediment dynamics.


Published on 4 september

Voici quelques nouvelles de la campagne BATHY DELTA RHONE!