Settling of particles in fluid

By means of the Non-Smooth Contact Dynamics method allowing modelling the dynamics of granular materials coupled with the Lattice Boltzmann Method to model the fluid dynamic resolved at the sub-particle scale, we numerically simulate the settling of highly polydisperse particles in a viscous fluid. We investigate for this study the effect of the particles size ratio on the structuring of the granular bed after the deposition by analysing: bed porosity, force distribution and contact anisotropy. While the porosity shows to be poorly affected by the polydispersity of particles, a clear size segregation is observed with large particles occupying the bottom part of the deposited granular bed while smaller particles are mainly at the top. This segregation is a direct consequence of the balance between the hydrodynamic forces and the weight of the particles. The contact force shows to be transmitted through large particles. 


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Ecole d’été et colloque INTERCOH - Incheon, Corée

Published on 21 september

From 13 to 22 September 2023, DHYSED and the LER-AR will be in Incheon, Korea, to take part in the summer school and present research work in sediment dynamics.


Published on 4 september

Voici quelques nouvelles de la campagne BATHY DELTA RHONE!

Accueil de Yoeri DIJKSTRA de l'Université TU DELFT dans le cadre de l'Hôtel à projets CHECK

Published on 6 march

Nous accueillons Yoeri DIJKSTRA de TU Delft dans le cadre de l'Hôtel à projets CHECK du 06 mars au 06 avril 2023.

Yoeri va travailler sur la modélisation estuarienne de la dynamique sédimentaire et du phytoplancton, en lien avec les équipes DHYSED et PELAGOS.