1st fieldwork for CoEcoDigue

From the 1st to 4th of March 2022, the spring tides were the opportunity for 7 members of the LEBCO team to operate their first annual biodiversity fieldworks on the “ecoblocs” incorporated in the seawall enclosing the EMR (Marine renewable energy) polder as part of the project CoEcoDigue (Ecobloc colonisation of the seawall enclosing the new polder of Brest harbour).


During this fieldwork there were:

  • 27 “ecoblocs” surveyed
  • 81 temperatures probes read and re-initialised
  • 81 photo-quadrats taken
  • 58 2x2m quadrats surveyed
  • 14 intertidal rock-pools surveyed
  • 3 carwash tokens used


All these data will enable our team, in the coming months, to evaluate the added ecological value of incorporating this kind of “green engineering” structure in a classic seawall riprap.


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Laure Régnier-Brisson awarded

Published on 4 january

She won the prize for the best poster during the days of the doctoral school of marine and coastal sciences (EDSML).

Journée annuelle du projet MaSCoET 2023

Published on 3 january

The annual MaSCoET project day will be held on February 6 and 7, 2023 in Nantes.


A new species of lace coral discovered in Brazil

Published on 13 december 2022

It would have differentiated itself from its Caribbean counterpart  11 million years ago.