RESISTE project

The LEBCO team is a member of the multidisciplinary RESISTE project. The aim of RESISTE is to understand the resilience of a marine aggregates extraction concession, where, after 30 years exploitation and some 45 millions cubic metres of aggregate were removed, activity has stopped. Over the next ten years, the resilience of the site will be measured through topographic surveys, sediment dynamics, and fish and benthic diversity inventories.
Furthermore, a descriptive study of the food webs inside and outside the concession is underway, in order to obtain a holistic view. For this purpose, two members of the team went to the LER lab of Dinard for four days, in order to study and dissect samples from two fieldwork campaigns (40 stations). This led to 1000 samples of macro and mega-faunal tissues, all identified, dissected, packed and freeze-dried, which are now waiting in a dry place, ready for isotope analysis (d13C and d15N).


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Laure Régnier-Brisson awarded

Published on 4 january

She won the prize for the best poster during the days of the doctoral school of marine and coastal sciences (EDSML).

Journée annuelle du projet MaSCoET 2023

Published on 3 january

The annual MaSCoET project day will be held on February 6 and 7, 2023 in Nantes.


A new species of lace coral discovered in Brazil

Published on 13 december 2022

It would have differentiated itself from its Caribbean counterpart  11 million years ago.