PhD and Postdoctoral positions

PhD thesis of Lucas Greiner

Long-term trends, benthic-pelagic coupling and regime changes of coastal ecosystems in the English Channel in a context of global change


Postdoctoral position of Emilien Alvarez


Surface and volume assessment of Sabellaria alveolata reef habitats in the Gironde Estuary and Pertuis Sea Marine Protected Area

PhD thesis of Alexandre Muller

Estimating functional and phylogenetic diversity in ecosystems structured by engineering species



Completed postdoctoral positions

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PhD thesis of Clément Violet


Trait-Based Models to predict marine ecosystem dynamics




PhD thesis of Laure Régnier-Brisson


Ecology and dynamics of Black Scallop populations in the bay of Brest



Defended PhD Theses

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À la une

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Mapping the Saint-Anne reef (Mont-Saint-Michel Bay)

Published on 27 july

The next acquisition campaign will take place from 3 to 5 August 2023.


How Marine Litter Spreads Non-Indigenous Species

Published on 27 july

New publication from the French Invasive Alien Species Resource Centre in collaboration with Amelia Curd