Defended PhD Theses

PhD thesis of Lyndsay Clavareau

defended on 16/12/2021

Integrated modelling of depredation in marine ecosystems



PhD thesis of Bastien Taormina

defended on 16/12/2019

Potential impacts of submarine power cables from marine renewable energy projects on benthic communities



PhD thesis of Auriane Jones

defended on 14/12/2017
Effect of an engineer species on the diversity and functioning of benthic communities : the Sabellaria Alveolata reef habitat


PhD thesis of Nikolaos Alexandridis

defended on 28/03/2017

Models of general community assembly mechanisms simulating the spatial and temporal dynamics of benthic biodiversity

PhD thesis of Carine Rigolet

defended on 22/02/2013
Structural and functional diversity of Haploops nirae habitats in South Britany



PhD thesis of Olivier Blanpain

defended on 16/10/2009
Size graded sediment dynamics: from the processes characterization to the transport modelling in the English Channel


PhD thesis of Amelia Curd

defended on 07/07/2020

On the Macroecology and Global Distribution of the Ecosystem Engineer, Sabellaria alveolata in a changing world


PhD thesis of Thibault Androuin

defended on 13/12/2018

Trophic ecology of the engineer species Crepidula fornicata and implications for its habitat functioning


PhD thesis of Alexandre Robert

defended on 30/05/2017

Combined effects of natural and anthropogenic factors on benthic invertebrate communities of Norway lobster mudflats in the Bay of Biscay


PhD thesis of Tristan Petit

defended on 07/03/2017
Seabed type characterization and bathymetry estimation by radiative transfer model inversion: Application to hyperspectral imaging of coral reefs


PhD thesis of Aline Blanchet

defended on 19/12/2012

The populations of two epibenthic ophiuroids Ophiothrix fragilis et Ophiocomina nigra at the tip of Brittany (France): evolution and trophic ecology


PhD thesis of Karine Grangeré

defended on 13/01/2009

Ecophysiological response of oyster Crassostrea gigas to the spatio-temporal variability of environmental factors : use of an ecological model


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#UneMinuteDeScienceAvec avec Flavia Nunes

Published on 5 may

Flavia Nunes nous présente le projet #Biodiverde sur la biodiversité des îles du Cap Vert

LEBCO participation in the ITRS 2023 conference in Australia

Published on 6 february

The next edition will be held in Brest in 2025!

Laure Régnier-Brisson awarded

Published on 4 january

She won the prize for the best poster during the days of the doctoral school of marine and coastal sciences (EDSML).