Mathieu Chevalier


Biogeography • Biostatistics • Bayesian analysis • Niche theory • Biodiversity dynamics
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(2022 - 2025)

Photo of an old underwater cage floating in the water column. It is attached to a metal frame on the seabed and a buoy at the surface.The cage is colonised by algae, mainly kelp.

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How is the desertification of underwater landscapes disrupting coastal ecosystems?

Published on 30 august

New article by Martin Marzloff in The Conversation

Mapping the Saint-Anne reef (Mont-Saint-Michel Bay)

Published on 27 july

The next acquisition campaign will take place from 3 to 5 August 2023.


How Marine Litter Spreads Non-Indigenous Species

Published on 27 july

New publication from the French Invasive Alien Species Resource Centre in collaboration with Amelia Curd