Mobility grants CHECK

The mission of CHECK (Collaborative Hub for the Extension of Coastal Knowledge) is to generate new ideas, within DYNECO’s scope while promoting interdisciplinarity, and to answer questions of interest for coastal ecosystems. To fulfill its mission of interdisciplinary research, CHECK is launching a call for proposals to host individual researchers for a brief duration (one week to two months) in order to initiate collaborative projects.


Project call terms:
  • Proposals are handled in the order they are received
  • Open invitation to tender within the scope of DYNECO
  • Maximum amount of 10k€
Who can apply ?

Any researcher or research assistant, including PhD students, in France or abroad.

What is the duration of the stay?

Anywhere between one week and two months.

Which expenses are covered?

Transportation costs (real costs), accommodation (at the Nelson Mandela International Residence in Brest), catering costs (fixed daily rate of €30.50) and operating costs (upper limit of €2,000) may be covered.

Accommodation in another establishment may be reimbursed, on presentation of written proof, up to a limit of €2,000 per month, including all real costs (food, accommodation, transportation).

How to apply

Download the application form in .doc format. Send it to , with your CV. Visiting researchers are those whose projects will be approved by a scientific committee.

Examples of CHECK collaboration :

Accueil de Yoeri DIJKSTRA de l'Université TU DELFT dans le cadre de l'Hôtel à projets CHECK

Published on 6 march 2023

Yoeri va travailler sur la modélisation estuarienne de la dynamique sédimentaire et du phytoplancton, en lien avec les équipes DHYSED et PELAGOS.

Un chercheur canadien à DYNECO pour une nouvelle approche de modélisation

Published on 27 february 2023

Thomas Guyondet est venu partager son expertise dans le cadre de l'hôtel à projets interdisciplinaire CHECK.