Our lab studies coastal marine ecosystem diversity and functioning. Much of our work focuses on species and community responses to natural and anthropogenic stressors.

By combining in-situ and experimental observations with theoretical models, the lab develops and uses complementary approaches to (1) describe and understand biodiversity patterns and functioning, and (2) observe and model benthic habitat distribution.


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How is the desertification of underwater landscapes disrupting coastal ecosystems?

Published on 30 august

New article by Martin Marzloff in The Conversation

Mapping the Saint-Anne reef (Mont-Saint-Michel Bay)

Published on 27 july

The next acquisition campaign will take place from 3 to 5 August 2023.


How Marine Litter Spreads Non-Indigenous Species

Published on 27 july

New publication from the French Invasive Alien Species Resource Centre in collaboration with Amelia Curd