CROCO - Development and applications of the MUSTANG sediment MODEL

Investigating long-term sediment transport variability in the Bay of Biscay from 20-year coupled CROCO-MUSTANG simulations

CROCO-DEAL-S project visual

The CROCO-DEAL-S project contributes to consolidate the coupling of the MUSTANG sediment model (developed at DHYSED) and the CROCO hydrodynamic MODEL. Online documentation and test cases were upgraded and main features were tested.

A pioneer application of this coupled model is conducted in the Bay of Biscay, investigating the sediment dynamics variability from the seasonal scale to the interannual scale, and unravelling the relative impact of storms and river inputs. This coupled model is validated against in situ short-term observations and the long-term ocean color L3 OC5 MODIS database from 2006 to 2020. CROCO-DEAL-S provides the first 20year hindcast simulation database (2000-2019) available here

Contacts scientifiques :

Romaric Verney DHYSED, François Dufois (ODE/LER)

 Collaborations : 

SHOM (Aurelien Gangloff)

 Financement : 

SHOM – PROTEVS-2 program.

Participants Dyneco : 

Solène le Gac (DHYSED), Matthieu Caillaud (DHYSED), Yannick Fossi Fotsi (DHYSED), et François Dufois (ODE/LER)