Material flows in the Man-Earth-Sea continuum

DYNECO analyzes the variability of material flows on different scales, both spatially and temporally: longitudinally, from estuaries to bays and coastal seas, right up to plateaus; transversally, from subtidal to high schorre wetlands; vertically, through stratification and exchanges at the water/sediment interface.

In terms of time, flow analysis covers both the scale of material transport and transformation processes, and the scale of natural or anthropogenic forcings: from recurrent or extreme events to decadal scales integrating global change.

Themes :

♦ Understand and formalize transfer mechanisms and the physical and biogeochemical processes involved in transforming matter (dissolved and particulate, organic and inorganic) along the watershed/coastal sea continuum and at the water column/sediment interface.

♦ Assess the response of the coastal and estuarine environment to natural and anthropogenic pressures in the context of climate change and the accentuation/redefinition of extremes over the 2030-2050 timeframe. 

 ♦ Contribute to sustainable management and restoration strategies and participate in the co-construction of programs of measures.

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Feb. 2024 - Jan. 2028