Biogeochemical and sediment dynamics in the land-sea interface : application to the Seine and Gironde Estuaries

Observing and understanding the spatial and temporal suspended particulate matter variability in estuaries. Unravelling the contribution of tidal scales, seasonal scales and extreme events.

The RUNTIME project investigates the dynamics of organic and inorganic particulate matter in estuaries, from processes to fluxes. Different temporal scales are examined, including seasons, annual, inter-annual scales and extreme events.

Ocean colour satellite view of the Seine Estuary mouth (Landsat 8)

DHYSED is leading the physical part of the project, analyzing the SPM dynamics through flocculation processes, and examining the interaction between sediment and organic matter. This project builds on the PHRESQUES field campaigns (started in 2015), the SNO COAST-HF, and the SYNAPSES and MAGEST estuarine monitoring networks.

We also investigate sediment transfers in estuaries, focusing on turbidity maximum dynamics and sediment fluxes at the land-sea interface, from tides to seasons. RUNTIME also study extreme events, supported by the PhD work of Coline Poppeschi.

Conceptualizing sediment/organic matter interactions in the land-sea interface.

Scientific contact :

Romaric Verney DHYSED

 Collaborations : 

Guillaume Charria, LOPS ; GIP Seine Aval ; Aldo Sottolichio (EPOC), Isabel Jalon Rojas (EPOC), Sabine Schmidt (EPOC)

 Financing : 

EC2CO scientific program, OFB

Who from DYNECO : 

Florent Grasso DHYSED