Dynamics and evolution of intertidal mudflats in the context of global changes: analog modelling of hydro-morpho-sedimentary structures 2023-2026

How will intertidal mudflats evolve in a context of global changes ?

The DEZIGN project aims at exploring the potential trajectories of estuarine intertidal mudflats subject to different climatic and anthropogenic pressures. A schematic hydro-morpho-sedimentary modelling tool will be developed to study the dynamics and evolution of intertidal flats of the Seine Estuary. The strategy is to take into account the functioning of multi-scale morphological structures (e.g. tidal creeks) in order to analyse the overall evolution of intertidal areas on multi-decadal time scales. The project is expected to: (i) shed light on the capacity of intertidal habitats to adapt to global change, and (ii) provide information on the response of these systems to different ecological restoration operations.



Scientific contacts :

Florent Grasso et Romaric Verney (DYNECO/DHYSED)

Collaborations :

TU Delft (Netherlands)


Research programme Seine-Aval 7

Who from Dyneco : 

Romaric Verney DHYSED