LEBCO participation in the ITRS 2023 conference in Australia


The LEBCO team (A. Curd, M. Marzloff, C. Violet and S. Dubois) recently contributed to the 13th Internation Temperate Reef Symposium (08-13 January 2023 - Hobart, Australia) by presenting collaborative and major works on temperate reef formations built by the marine worm Sabellaria alveolata (aka honeycomb worm), from its distribution on european coasts in the face of climate change to the predictions of the health status of these unique reefs, not to mention the larval dispersal of the species on a large scale. Find the program of this symposium on ITRS 2023 website.


The team has been selected to host the 14th edition of this major international conference to be held in Brest from 01 to 04 July 2025. With its scientific partners (Stations Biologique de Roscoff - CNRS, UBO-IUEM and UMS Patrinat), this conference will bring together 250 researchers from around the world to share the latest scientific work on rocky habitats and temperate biogenic reefs. Watch the video of the announcement of this major event:



Presentation ITRS 2025