Viability of fisheries affected by depredation


In the marine environment, certain predator species have developed the ability to feed on fish catches. This new behaviour, known as depredation, is currently generating serious conflicts between marine predators and fisheries in several regions of the world.
As part of her PhD thesis at Lebco, Lindsay Clavareau developed mathematical modelling approaches to represent the main interactions between a fishery, an exploited stock and a predator species. It also studied the effects of change scenarios: i) an increase in fishing effort, ii) an increase in the abundance of predator species and iii) an increase in the abundance of the exploited stock.
The results are presented in this article, recently published in Ecological Modelling:

Lyndsay Clavareau, Jeffrey M. Dambacher, Verena M. Trenkel, Sophie Gourguet, Paul Tixier, Martin P. Marzloff (2023). Exploitation and depredation rates determine viability of depredation-impacted fisheries. Ecological Modelling, 483,110444,