MaSCoET project annual days

4–5 April
Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise (PNBI), Plouzané

How is the desertification of underwater landscapes disrupting coastal ecosystems?

Published on 30 august 2023

New article by Martin Marzloff in The Conversation


How Marine Litter Spreads Non-Indigenous Species

Published on 27 july 2023

New publication from the French Invasive Alien Species Resource Centre in collaboration with Amelia Curd

Webimer France Filière Pêche on scallops

Published on 17 july 2023

Philippe Cugier, a researcher at Lebco, was invited to present the initial results of the MaSCoET project.


#UneMinuteDeScienceAvec with Flavia Nunes

Published on 5 may 2023

Flavia Nunes presents the #Biodiverde project on the biodiversity of Cape Verde islands


Laure Régnier-Brisson awarded

Published on 4 january 2023

She won the prize for the best poster during the days of the doctoral school of marine and coastal sciences (EDSML).


Mascoet in a special issue of the newspaper Le Marin

Published on 13 september 2022

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Le Marin highlights the actions led by France Filière Pêche.

Integration of a hyperspectral sensor on the Argos ROV

Published on 13 september 2022

A sensor integration test campaign, co-organized by LEBCO, took place from June 13 to 17, 2022.

1st fieldwork for CoEcoDigue

Published on 16 march 2022

The high tides of March made it possible to carry out the 1st annual biodiversity monitoring survey of the ecoblocks of the EMR polder dike.

Experience a scientific dive with us

Published on 11 january 2022

Immersion in the bay of Brest with a team of the Mascoet project


MUrFor 2024 Project Meeting

16–18 April
Pôle Numérique Brest Iroise (PNBI) et Bibliothèque La Pérouse (BLP), Plouzané

Laure Regnier Brisson's thesis defense

8 February
IUEM in Plouzané (amphitheatre A)

Ecology & growth dynamics of the variegated scallop (Mimachlamys varia) in the Bay of Brest

Mapping the Saint-Anne reef (Mont-Saint-Michel Bay)

Published on 27 july 2023

The next acquisition campaign will take place from 3 to 5 August 2023.

Viability of fisheries affected by depredation

Published on 20 july 2023

New article by Lindsay Clavareau et al in Ecological modelling


Observation tools for the conservation of threatened ecosystems

Published on 15 june 2023

Launch of the BioEOS project on June 15th


LEBCO participation in the ITRS 2023 conference in Australia

Published on 6 february 2023

The next edition will be held in Brest in 2025!


A new species of lace coral discovered in Brazil

Published on 13 december 2022

It would have differentiated itself from its Caribbean counterpart  11 million years ago.


LEBCO participation in the UN Ocean Decade

Published on 13 september 2022

Presentation by Touria Bajjouk entitled  " Seeing the deep seafloor with a hyperspectral camera "


RESISTE project

Published on 18 july 2022

Two members of the LEBCO team went to the LER lab of Dinard for four days, in order to study and dissect samples from two fieldwork campaigns

RAPSODI Project Launch

Published on 14 february 2022

It aims to improve knowledge of two non-indigenous marine species present in the Arcachon basin and the Pertuis Charentais.

Marine non-indigenous species

Published on 5 january 2022

On the 14th of October 2021, the LEBCO and UMS Patrimoine Naturel co-organised a one-day on the subject of marine non-indigenous species